Dr. Kellen R. Grayson LMFT Psy.D. is a doctor of psychology and a licensed marriage and family therapist and believes that therapy is social activism. Dr. Grayson provides therapy as an advocate and activist dedicated to social justice. He integrates social justice with mental health services including psychotherapy, community mental health, and change in systems. Through psychotherapy his mission is to organize and implement therapeutic interventions that motivate clients to move from unconscious to conscious, to look at how the macro levels of oppression effect the individual, to move from depression and helplessness to empowerment and to learn how to deal with the effects of microagressions without internalizing and identifying with those aggressions. His practice is located in Oakland, California where he has been located for several years.

725 Washington St. Suite 213 Oakland, CA 94607 graysonpsychservices@gmail.com




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